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Namami Gange

‘Namami Gange’ was launched in June 2014 as an integrated conservation mission to accomplish the twin objectives of effective pollution abatement and conservation and rejuvenation of the National River Ganga and its tributaries. National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) is the implementing agency for the Namami Gange programme with support from its State Mission for Clean Ganga (SMCG) and District Ganga Committees (DGC). Though it was previously thought of merely as a project implementation agency, the government in 2016 empowered NMCG as regulatory authority which enables it to issue directions to check pollution. At the apex level, the strengthened National Ganga Council (NGC) replaced the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) and for the first time, Mission activities were taken effectively to the district level by notifying multidisciplinary District Ganga Committees chaired by the District Magistrates.

The ambitious clean Ganga initiative follows a collaborative approach involving various ministries, states and other stakeholders to restore the Nirmal and Aviral Dhara (pristine and continuous flow) of the Ganga. The National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) is entrusted with the aim of integrating previous and currently ongoing initiatives in a holistic manner, with a basin approach. The programme has made considerable progress and is moving at a fast pace with a total of 305 projects which have been sanctioned so far at a total cost of Rs 28,628 Crore for diverse sets of activities. Out of these, 114 projects have been completed and the other projects are at various stages of execution.


TREE Craze Foundation (TCF)

TREE Craze Foundation (TCF) is a Not for Profit (section -8) company committed to the cause of Trees, Rivers, Ecosystems & Environment. The organization came up in 2014 and focused on plantation related activities. Leveraging its experience, it has now evolved into a continuum of Trees, Rivers, Ecosystems and Environment as step by step priority. Now it is concentrating on rivers, the essential but most neglected component of environment. Within rivers, also the focus is on pollution and behavioral changes that can lead to water conservation. TREE Craze acknowledges the power of communities as the main custodians of environment and is striving to charge them up own up rivers and act for them leveraging international best practices. To achieve the same, TCF is revolutionizing the environment education space by innovating the pedagogy and involving committed work force to inculcate attitude building in place of mere awareness followed up by a unique Trust based model of community engagement.

TCF approach is to energize the communities by providing necessary knowledge base and inculcating ownership attitude for environmental assets and creating sustainable, institutional framework for channelizing community efforts for environment, building around water, rivers and Ganga.



Ganga river is the national river of India because of its deep and rich cultural, historical, and religious heritage. Despite that, people have turned their back to the river Ganga and people-river connect has worsened with deteriorating condition of the river. Ganga Quest aims to improve the connect of children and youth to our national river through enhancing awareness and knowledge.

Our Team
TREE Craze Foundation

Bhawna Badola
Bhawna Badola,


Pallavi Singhvi
Pallavi Singhvi,

Director Programs

SLolia Mary
Lolia Mary,


Bhagyashree Pardeshi
Bhagyashree Pardeshi,


Rajan Thapa
Rajan Thapa,

Administrative Assistant



Dr Somajita Paul
Dr Somajita Paul,

Post Doc Student, JNU

Shreya Kalra
Shreya Kalra,


Akansha Sharma
Akansha Sharma,


Paras Agarwal
Paras Agarwal,


Siddhant Kumar
Siddhant Kumar,


Kishori More
Kishori More,


Netri Upadhyay
Netri Upadhyay,


Our Team
National Mission for Clean Ganga

Rajiv Ranjan Mishra
Rajiv Ranjan Mishra,

Director General

S.K. Ratho
S.K. Ratho,

Deputy Director General (DDG

Ashok Kumar Singh
Ashok Kumar Singh,

Executive Director (Projects)

Rozy Agarwal
Rozy Agarwal,

Executive Director (Finance)

D.P. Mathuria
D.P. Mathuria,

Executive Director (Technical)

Mohd. Najeeb Ahsan
Mohd. Najeeb Ahsan,

Sr. Social Management Specialist

Sanjam Chima
Sanjam Chima,

Media Consultant (Media and Public Relations)

Sandeep Behera
Sandeep Behera,

Consultant (Biodiversity)

Divya Joshi
Divya Joshi,

Consultant (Community Participation)

Peeyush Gupta
Peeyush Gupta,

Assistant Real Time Information Specialist

Kritika Madan
Kritika Madan

Social Media Manager

Bharti Dwivedi
Bharti Dwivedi,

Consultant (Hindi Content)

Priya Grover
Priya Grover

Assistant Training Coordinator

Jyoti Verma
Jyoti Verma

Support EngineerTCE PMC to NMCG

Exclusive Partners

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German Cooperation
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Sustainable Water Solutions
IIT Roorkee

Wildlife Institute of India

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Sustainable Water Solutions

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
SMCG, Uttar Pradesh

SMCG, Uttarakhand
SMCG, Uttarakhand

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
SMCG, Bihar

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
SMCG, Jharkhand

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Spinning Marbles
Spinning Marbles